“Emma, will you please cook the supper?” asked Rorik. I was working on an important project due tomorrow and he was just lying on the sofa watching tee vee. “I have cleaned the kitchen and living room. I have done my share, now you have to cook.” I stated. He did not argue and walked to the kitchen. 

I am a freelance designer and I have been working on this Farmhouse project for about a month now, day and night. I had developed a proposal for an agent. After checking and rechecking, I shut down my computer and walked to the kitchen to see what my little brother was cooking. He plated the pasta to impress me. I patted his back and smiled. We ate our supper, and I walked back to my room and slept.

I woke up early and dressed in my best suite, curled my hair and was ready for the meeting. I was competing against Mr William Bailey, my boyfriend, for the last two weeks. I reached the meeting venue and was all ready for the presentation. There wasn't even a single female in the panel but three men, and I heard one of them say. “Let's do the formality” and smiled at William.

“Hey, I have got the project. This presentation is just a formality.” he said and smiled at me wickedly. “On what basis was the decision taken.” I asked him. “On gender, I guess. Our main client is an orthodox.” he said shamelessly. “And you are okay with it?” I asked him. “Why shouldn't I be? I have got the project.” he said and grinned. “You got this project just because I happened to be a female.” I yelled at him. “So what? keep your feminist attitude to yourself It won't work here.” he said and smiled again and he was the one who said that my design is far more better than him. I presented my design as I had worked hard on it. The presentation copies were taken by them and they announced that they selected Williams’s proposal.

Disheartened I came back home and shared everything with Rorik. It shocked him how William was happy about the situation. “Emma, do you remember few years back when I had asked you to do my share of household work just because you were a girl?, you yelled and fought like a true feminist I still remember your words and so last night I cooked without saying a word because I know whatever you said was right then.” he said. “Yeah, Well if you still remember my words you shouldn't have asked me if I could cook.” I teased him. “I am a very hopeful person,” he said, and we both laughed. “Do you want me to remind you, your own words?” he asked. “Yeah sure, actually no I have written it in my diary”, I said. And the words are relating to the situation I was in at that time.

"Yes, I am a Feminist. Why? Because I believe in gender equality. Was it not so conspicuous for the male faction to realise that the time “that woman” stepped out of the house to work was the time they relying on the woman for frivolous matter were over? Don’t they realise we are equals and they have no authority over our opinions? Not that I don’t like to do the household chores, but when I am working, please let me be. The male of the house has no work to do yet demand you to complete all the chores, not touching any of it with no satisfactory reason but he is a man, a fucking dick! Why do they get the advantage that I being a woman can’t get? Where the fucking hell is the so-called gender equality? I don’t like this Patriarchal system nor do I ask for matriarchy. Just let me be your equal, don’t you get the word EQUAL? I have decided and I am sure that I’ll die a virgin. You want to know why? Because I so fucking can’t take a dick in my life!!”

After this incident ditching William was so obvious yet he was surprised that I broke up with him and asked me what went wrong. Such an arse. I continued working hard on my other designs but I did not stop working on the proposal I had developed for the male chauvinist pig, because I had worked hard on it and wanted to complete it. I believe in ‘Karma’, What goes around surely comes back around.


I am reading a book when I get a call from an unknown number, I receive the call, “Hello, am I speaking to Ms Emma Barnes”. “Yes, May I know whom am I speaking with?” I ask. “Mr. Harold Abbott here, I would like to discuss with you about the Farmhouse design proposal you presented in July.” He asked. I was shocked. “Yeah.” I said. “I would like to inform you that the proposal approved by my manager is not up to the mark and so I asked for the other presentation which is very impressive and it compelled me to call the designer myself.” He said. “Thank you, I am lost for words I don’t know what to say, I worked so hard on the design and was not approved just because I am a woman.” I replied. I rambled out everything. He asked me what had happened in the last meeting and listened to every word I said carefully and was shocked himself. We fixed the date and time for the meeting. Next week Thursday at noon.

It excited me throughout the week; I updated my presentation and added all the required details. The venue for the meeting was Mr Abbotts office. Days went by quickly and I was getting ready for the meeting. I copied all important files in my external storage drive and printed the plans and elevations. I left from my house at fifteen past eleven as it would be a half an hour’s drive and it’s better to reach fifteen minutes prior.

The meeting was in his conference room where I saw William and the three men who rejected my design on the panel. Mr Abbott asked me to get comfortable and ready for presentation. I confidently presented all the drawings and the conceptual developments of the project. Mr Abbott applauded after the presentation was over and just glanced at his manager and William. “I have decided that Ms Barnes will head the project and I would like to tell Mr Bailey that this is what I expected and hence rejected your proposal.” He said and smiled at me.

Sometimes our work speaks louder than words. Being a female in this industry is depressing sometimes, but never give up is the approach I maintain. So Yeah, I did not give my feminist speech again but I worked hard to be matched and I therefore exceeded the expected standard, this is a tiny example, but there are various situations in life that women face, whatever the situation is aim for equality because that is what means to be a true feminist. Equals!

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