'AN ECCENTRIC' - The Introvert Type

“What does it mean to be a social misfit? Is it wrong to differ from others? My sense of amusement varies from other humans. Does it make me weird? I like to be with myself. I prefer to read, write, and sometimes wander around alone. I don't like to communicate with people. I am an introvert. I don't like it when people mock me for my behaviour.”

I experience life in a way that is different than yours because I believe in understanding my existence. Is it so difficult for people to accept me the way I am?

I am that person you would never consider in your group. A person who observes and experiences the space. A person who spends time on books more than on a mobile phone. A person who cares but never shows. A person who analyses every situation or object.

I am not the one who is bold and outspoken. I am more of 'let me be with myself' kind of a person. My idea of happiness is a rainy day, a cosy corner, books and a hot chocolate drink. I do not like to interact with people. I am shy on the surface but my imaginations are bold.

I hide in the books that I read and the stories that I weave in my head. I want to be a writer.

I have a problem fitting in the society. I am anti-social. I have been writing since my childhood, I wrote journals about my life experiences then, which nobody knows and I have managed to destroy it. This is the extent of my introversion. I wouldn't let anybody ever know my secrets. I confide in diaries just to destroy them later. I have a diary that I haven't destroyed as of yet because I am still writing in it and it contains things that encourage me and makes me move forward in my life, along with the painful days I have been through.

I have the vision that lets me see the unseen, the unreal and yet real.

To be continued........

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